Squid explained


SQUID – Acronym for Stupidly Quick, Under-Dressed, Imminently Dead

Motorcycle Squid Slang – About Squid Motorcycle Riders

Squid slang is thrown around quite often in motorcycle communities, however many people have a misunderstanding of the meaning and will use it in the wrong context.

We will take a look at the meaning behind being referred to as a squid biker, the characteristics, the acronym and also the history behind squid.

Squid are a danger firstly to themselves, but also to any other motorcycle riders who they are with. Squid bikers also portray a very negative image of motorcycle riders in general. They are headed straight to the hospital for the nurse to scrape the gravel out when they suffer from road rash.

read more from: http://www.motorbikelicense.com/motorcycle-squid-slang-about-squid-motorcycle-riders/

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