SQUID press release


TTT-Applications Releases New iPhone and Android App 26th May 2017


Loppi, Finland – TTT-Applications launches SQUID by 24strokeservice, an app devoted to motorcycle service.

SQUID app by 24strokeservice.com is your motorcycle maintenance manager and electronic service.pdf for Motocross, Enduro, Road, Adventure bikes, scooters and more.

Off road bike owners have a common problem: Maintenance records are mainly on paper/notepad or don’t exists at all. Ride condition, safety and reselling value are impacted.

Our solution works for any make/model from 2- to 4-strokes and even e-rides. Increase safety and ride reselling value with proofed, documented maintenance.

Reselling value of any motorcycle correlates to documented service records. At sales the value difference is easily 100-500 eur higher for motorcycle with documented history.

App demo & features: www.24strokeservice.com

Contact: sami.toivonen@ttt-applications.com

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