When was your last piston, suspension service performed?

2t engine
How many hours should you go with engine oil? What is your piston lifetime or hour´s to top-end rebuild?
SQUID app by 24strokeservice.com really helps managing daily and periodic service´s for off road rides. Easy to use. Adopts for beginner needs as well as for managing PRO-team bikes. Never miss important service and keep all documented => +$$$ reselling-VALUE
The best way to ensure your dirt bike operates effectively and starts every time is to take the time and conduct routine maintenance.
Investing in a dirt bike is like adding a high maintenance and needy friend into your life.
Unlike today’s modern cars, where you can ride for thousands of miles (sometimes 10,000 miles without changing even the oil!) and do little in the way of maintenance, 2/4-stroke dirt bikes require constant maintenance. Those thinking of taking on the joy of this sport should first know that after every ride some type of maintenance is required to ensure the longevity of the bike.

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