Prepared for a track-day, road-trip or adventure?

Lose a race or have your riding day at the track cut short because of a clogged air filter or a broken chain, all because you didn’t plan for unforeseen situations?
SQUID app has new handy checklist. Use it for track-day or road-trip/adventure preparation!
  • Gas and oil – Have more than what you need so you don’t come up short.
  • Tools – Bring Tire Irons, Box end wrenches, A socket Set, A Screwdriver set, Pliers, An air pressure gauge and a tire pump.
  • Parts and Accessories – Bring an extra air filter and an extra brake lever and clutch lever. Keeping an extra chain on hand isn’t a bad idea either. Flat tires are common so having a spare tube for the front and rear can also prevent your day from ending early. Each of these items are fairly inexpensive but can sure ruin a day of riding if they get damaged or fail. Definitely bring a bolt kit along to replace any of those bolts you may have forgotten to tighten up.
  • Fluids – Air filter oil and cleaner if you don’t have a spare filter, some engine and/or transmission fluid, quick set grip glue, contact cleaner, radiator fluid and some chain lube.
  • Jersey – Possibly the most common overlooked item, it’s always nice to have more than one. A clean, dry jersey your second moto gives you a mental edge. No one feels good soaked and covered in mud.
  • Gloves – This should be mandatory. If you fall down in practice before your motos, it’s almost guaranteed your gloves will be wasted with mud from the early morning watering. A fresh pair will do the same as the jersey and give you that mental edge knowing your hands are dry and won’t be slipping off the grips.
  • Goggles – Don’t assume nothing will happen to your one and only pair. At the least bring and extra lens and plenty of tearoffs. If the weather is questionable, a roll-off system may be the way to go.
  • Don´t forget beer if you´re staying overnight!

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